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Learn about our supports and services to support your, or your loved one’s, eating disorder recovery.

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Do you have questions about eating disorders and recovery for you or a loved one? Not sure where or how to start the recovery process? Or perhaps looking for support to continue your recovery journey?

Book a free conversation with one of our eating disorder informed practitioners. They can answer questions you may have about eating disorders and recovery, treatment options and help guide you to the next steps in support, whether in the public or private health sector.

Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians & Professionals
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Eating Disorder/Disordered Eating Services

Initial Nutrition and Health Assessment for Eating Disorder Support (Registered Dietitian)

Your first appointment with one of our dietitians will be an in-depth nutrition and health assessment. At this time, the dietitian will gather all the information and data needed to complete the assessment to help plan and determine next steps in your recovery. This is an important first step to ensure individualized care is provided.


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Nutrition Counselling Follow-Up Sessions (Registered Dietitian)

After your initial nutrition and health assessment, counselling appointments with one of our dietitians are either 30 or 50 minutes, depending on your needs. During these appointments education, goal setting and ongoing support will be provided.


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Initial Mental Health Assessment for Eating Disorder Support (Therapist)

If you are looking for support from one of our therapists, the initial appointment will be an in-depth assessment, to better determine your individualize care and support needs. If you are also working with our Registered Dietitian and have booked a Nutrition and Health Assessment with them, the Initial Mental Health Assessment will be 1 1/2 hours in length. If you are only working with our therapist, the Initial Mental Health Assessment will be 2 hours in length.


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Psychotherapy Counselling
Follow-Up Sessions

After your Initial Mental Health Assessment, ongoing counselling sessions with the therapist will be 50 minutes in length to support you in your recovery journey.


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Individual Meal Support

Individual meal support is available to help with meal/snack completion, for those requiring this service. Typically this is completed through a video call, however in-person options may be available. Please discuss with your clinician for more information.


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Please note: 

Payment for individually booked services are completed at the end of each appointment. 

Payment for services/packages/programs are non-refundable and non-transferrable. 

Financial Assistance - Sliding Scale

We understand that private practice support can be unattainable for some individuals if extended health benefits or the financial means to pay for our services is not available. 

Please speak with your clinician about their sliding scale rates, if this situation applies to you. 

Recovery Forward

A 6 module education-based program to support your eating disorder recovery.

Do you have an eating disorder (diagnosed or undiagnosed)? Are feeling ready to start recovery? Or are you looking for education to support your current recovery journey? 

Research shows that early intervention and education is essential in recovery outcomes. However, waitlists for public and private eating disorder programs can be long. This workshop will provide you with 6 modules of essential education and activities, guided by an eating disorder informed practitioner, to start or continue your recovery journey.

Parent Support Group - Navigating Eating Disorder Recovery

FREE Virtual Parent/Carer Support Group

This group runs on the first Monday of each month, from

6:45 – 8:00pm PST

Registration is open to parents/carers throughout Canada